Public vs. Private

The great thing about working within the public sector for so long, is being able to really have a unique insight into how ‘it’ works. The amorphous ‘it’ being the great machine that drives, scrutinises, reviews and amends ‘it’ until ‘it’ works to the best of ‘its’ ability. Of course each and every ‘it’, whether it’s a fire service, local authority, health care provider or police force for example is only as great as its people. We have recently finished a great media training contract with a very large public sector organisation in Hampshire. I’d like to share with you some of the wonderful feedback which we supplied as part of their evaluation. Comments such as; ‘…best media training in 27 years…’, ‘I really detest role play but this was the best role play course I have ever been on, and actually enjoyed it. Thankyou!’ and ‘Why have we not done this training before? It should be done again in the future as a refresher.’ and finally, last but by no means least; ‘Superb training, superb trainers with a breadth of knowledge and expertise. I have learned huge amounts about the media and how to ‘manage’ them. Please, please, please, more of the same in the future.’

So, very rewarding and positive feedback. I am sure that the wonderful candidates whom we have met and trained over the past few months (some of them very doubtful  of the need for media training at first!) will be able to put their newly honed skills into practice and we look forward to meeting some of them again soon. For more information on media training or any of our services, please do give us a call. Carol


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