Who will you vote for?

So it’s an election year. Exciting, no? Er, no. About as exciting as watching the proverbial swash of Dulux dry actually. But what is exciting is that Way Ahead Media (that’s us) has gained new clients, finished some great marketing projects and will soon be taking over the world in terms of effective emergency services media training.

Now that IS exciting isn’t it? What’s also exciting is that we would love (and I do mean LOVE) to hear from larger organisations who are interested in protecting corporate reputation (we can help with crisis management through our team of highly experienced emergency planners and media training journalists), medium sized businesses who are looking to grow their portfolio (through our team of BRILLIANT marketers), and sole traders and smaller businesses who would simply like a chat about PR, marketing, branding, logos or advertising – we can hep with that too you see (this often boils down to a cuppa and a chocolate Hobnob, from where great relationships often grow).

Make 2015 the year to get down to the nitty gritty and sort out your PR, marketing and media training – you know, that ‘PR’ thing that really ought to be looked at as the key to building your business (or protecting the business which you’ve already built folks), and we’ll have a chat.

The chat is free. So are the chocolate Hobnobs. But your corporate reputation is priceless.

Look forward to speaking to you.

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