Dealing with the media is a highly skilled role. Effective media handling enables your organisation to communicate key community safety or incident-related messages to your communities through a vast range of established media networks – for free. On the contrary, poor media handling means missed messaging opportunities and can, at worst, affect corporate reputation, especially in times of crisis. Both public services and partner agencies across the country have undergone some major changes over the past few years and continue to be in the media spotlight today. The Government’s imperative to look at new ways of working through the Big Society and Localism agenda, the responsibility for new hazards and threats under the CBRNE umbrella, and multi-agency working through the Local Resilience Forums are just some of the challenges which require excellent media communication skills. That spotlight will be blindingly bright should your organisation be called upon to respond during an internationally newsworthy event such as the recent Olympic Games where the media focus will be intense, especially if something happens and you, your colleagues or your political figureheads find themselves in the full media glare. Way Ahead Media’s unique blend of trainers will ensure that your staff are furnished and supported with exactly the right skills to deal with whatever the media throws at them.

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